Mrs Peel's Kids

DC Ashtoria Wild Hunt Mystery Unveiled,

(winner of the 2009 Borzoi Club of America Annual Versatility Award)

whelped 4 males & 8 females.   DOB:  January 24, 2012

Their Pedigree

sire:  GCH & DC Ashtoria Irshbrook Wldhnt LeMans, JC, SC, RN, RA, FCH, GRC, VLAA, ROMX

breeder: G. Ariel Duncan

This litter is pictured as adults at LeMans Kids

The 8 week old pups

 Sergei  (m)


Jean Luc (m)

Lafite (m)

Anton (m)

Elan (f)

Manon (f)

Elise (f)

Pippa (f)

Janelle (f)

Phoebe (f)

Nicollette (f)

Moncoeur (f)

pictured at 3 1/2 weeks old

puppies pictured at day 1

day 2

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