DC Odyssey www. of the Wild Hunt,

DOB: May 6, 1996

sire: DC Royal Mile Dance with Wolves, SC, FCH, ROM

dam: CH Trinidad of the Wild Hunt SC, LCM, SOR, CGC, ROM

Her pedigree

breeders: Robert DiSanto and G. Ariel Duncan

owner: G. Ariel Duncan and Robert DiSanto

The 1998 Borzoi Club of America Top Versatility Award Winner!

The 1999 (co-winner) of the Borzoi Club of America Top Versatility Award Winner!

Listed in the BCOA Versatility Hall of Fame
AKC Field Champion with 2 Bests in Field
Top Ten Lure Courser
Top Ten LGRA Racer
1998 ASFA International Invitational Best of Breed
Finished her Championship with four Majors
Award of Merit at the BCDV 2000 Specialty
Borzoi Racemeet Winner of the LGRA Nationals 2000
No 1 Novice Standard Agility Borzoi for 2000
Borzoi Racemeet Winner of the NOTRA Nationals 2000

aNet is best described as 75 pounds of unbound enthusiasm and joie de vivre

In Agility, sometimes she gets the zoomies, sometimes she has PMS, but she always loves her weave poles

In the Breed ring she is known for her elegance and impeccable movement

In Lure Coursing she’s known for dragging me to the line as seen on her Animal Planet TV debut

In Racing she’s known for her blazing speed and screaming starts

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