CH Maskova's School Of Rock Of the Wild Hunt, JC, BCAT, ATT, CGC, TKN

April 20, 2020      HP60056502

sire: GCH Maskova's Guardian Rose

dam: GCH Maskova's Mascha Morning After Of The Wild Hunt


breeders:  Elisabeth Szymanski, Jim Szymanski, and G. Ariel Duncan

owners:  G. Ariel Duncan, Elisabeth Szymanski and Mary McDonald

In September 2021, Clark and his sister, earned their Junior Courser titles. Maskova's Our Miss Brooks Of The Wild Hunt JC BCAT CGC TKI ATT is owned by Valerie Holmes & Elisabeth Szymanski & G Ariel Duncan. In March 2022, the two littermates earned their BCAT, CGC, TKN, ATT plus Miss Brooks earned the TKI title. In May 2022, Clark finished his championship with 3 majors. Littersister Maskova's Our Miss Brooks of the Wild Hunt SC AC BCAT CGCA TKI ATT, earned her CGCA title in July and her SC title in September 2022. Their litterbrother GCH CH Maskova's A Class By Himself finished his Grand Championship in May 2022 with owners Elisabeth & Jim Szymanski & Ariel Duncan.

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