CH The Fifth Element Of the Wild Hunt,

born  March 25, 2001       Pedigree

sre:  CH Mascha's Raw Vanilla , CGC, ROM

dam: DC Odyssey www. of the Wild Hunt, CD, SC, NA, NAJ, FCH, LCM, ORC, GRC, CGC, ROMX

breeders:  G. Ariel Duncan & Robert DiSanto

owners:  G. Ariel Duncan

Even as a puppy Leeloo knew how to get down and dirty.

A life in the performing arts beckoned.
Leeloostarted out humbly performing tricks for grade school children.
Leeloo finished her championship easily with a hound group placement.
Leeloo marched with the Borzoi Club Delaware Valley Drill Team.

Leeloo skateboarded  to the David Letterman Audition.

Realizing that there was a greater artistic calling, Leeloo honed her ballet skills at the Academy of Music and the NYC Met in Gisselle.

Just when life on the stage seemed her destiny, Leeloo, always a restless soul, turned to the rigors of Agility where she racked up 2 titles and applied the same drive to Rally acquiring her advanced title.
Always the caninetarian, Leeloo, is now a therapy dog.    First and foremost, Leeloo, is a character, charming us daily with her antics and tricks.

                          [James Duncan photo]

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