Zaraya of the Wild Hunt LCM XVII, TT

April 27, 1982 - July 1996

sire: Birchwood Oracle

dam: CH Birchwood Caspian Princess Zorya,  LCM VI, CanFCHX, ROM

Her pedigree

breeder:  G. Ariel Duncan

owner:  Leigh A. Littleton and G. Ariel Duncan

One of Locket's littermates is CH Zoryovna of the Wild Hunt CD  (Chloe)

#1 All Time ASFA Borzoi

#1 Lure Coursing Borzoi in 1983-1985 and 1988 as a veteran

#1 ASFA Sighthound in 1983 and 1984

16 Bests in Field

More than 135 Bests of Breed

More than 2000 hounds defeated

Best in Field at the 1983 Grand National Lure Course

Locket was the top winning Lure Coursing Sighthound in ASFA for many years, until a whippet earned an LCM 18 and moved Locket to #2 All Time winning ASFA Lure Coursing Sighthound.   Locket lived her long exciting life with Leigh and Judy Littleton.   Her career started with her famous Best in Field win at the 1983 Grand National, the same event her mother, Zorya, had won in 1978.   To this date no other Borzoi has won that event.   She ended her career with a first place in the Veteran Stake at the 1992 ASFA International Invitational at the age of ten.

Locket was the #1 ASFA Sighthound in 1983 and 1984 and #1 Borzoi and #2 Sighthound in 1985 and again in 1988 as a Veteran.   In 1986, 1987, and 1989 she placed among the top ten ASFA Borzoi.   Locket traveled 200,000 miles with Leigh building this record, playing the coursing game as it was meant to be played, with intensity and follow and enjoying every minute of it.

Locket was not just a running machine, she was also an extremely outgoing Borzoi, making friends wherever she went.   From puppy hood on she charmed (or terrified) acquaintances with her enormous smiles, showing every tooth.   Given any encouragement she would greet a new or old friend with paws on the shoulders and a lick on the face.

Locket lived to be fourteen years old.   Even though she left no offspring she has had great impact on the Borzoi breed.    She will never be forgotten.

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