CH Birchwood Caspian Princess Zoyra, LCM VI, CanFCHX, ROM


May 1977- August 1991

sire: Enchanter of Birchwood

dam: Jemma of Birchwood

breeder:  Audrey Mulligan

owner:  G. Ariel Duncan

#1 Lure Coursing Borzoi in 1978

#1 Sighthound in 1978

#1 Lure Coursing Borzoi in Canada 1978

6 Best in Field Wins

BIF The Grand National 1978

BOB The Grand Prix Challenge Cup 1978

BOB The ASFA International Invitational 1978

BOB The ASFA Region 8 Invitational 1979

BOB The International Harvest Run 1978 & 1979

First Borzoi to earn the Canadian Field Champion Excellent title (Can. FCH X)

Finished her Championship with Four Majors

Zorya was the reigning princess of The Wild Hunt for fourteen and a half years and became the foundation for three generations of Triathlon, Top Ten Conformation and Lure Coursing, Best in Field, Best in Show and Specialty Winning Borzoi.

Zorya was on the ASFA Top Ten list for five years and was the all time Top Lure Coursing Borzoi until her daughter Locket broke her record in 1985.

One of Zorya’s most prestigious wins was her Best in Field at the 1978 Grand National Lure Course in Denver Colorado, a win that Locket duplicated in 1983. To this date they are the only Borzoi with this distinctive win to their credit.

Another of Zorya’s great accomplishments was her almost complete recovery from an accident at home that had left her completely paralyzed when she was seven years old. She lived seven more years after that.

In her first litter, bred to Birchwood’s Oracle, Zorya produced Zaraya of the Wild Hunt LCM XVII (Locket)  and CH Zoryovna of the Wild Hunt CD Chloe).   In her second litter, bred to CH Windrift Kindred Spirt ROMX, were CH Zharos of the Wild Hunt CD SC LCM III ,(Zharos),   CH Z’Esprit of the Wild Hunt CGC ROMX (Mouse),   CH Zarabeth of the Wild Hunt and CH Zorkhan of the Wild Hunt.

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