Pompeii's Kids

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Their pedigree

sire:  CH Kyrov's Crescendo ROMX-C

breeders: Becky Vorpagel and G. Ariel Duncan

CH Notes of the Wild Hunt

March 18, 1996 - February 18, 2008

owners: Ian and Maria Stuart and G. Ariel Duncan

Although he has lived in New Jersey since he was 12 weeks old, Notes, like his sisters, is still on Pacific Time, that may be how he stays up late enough to catch the Raccoons!  This affectionate, happy boy loves children and greets everyone with a huge smile.  Notes has impeccable movement, an exquisite head, dark dark eyes and black haws.

* * *

Rallentando of the Wild Hunt SC, FCH

March 18, 1996 - September 5, 2007

owners: M. Lois Ganary and G. Ariel Duncan

Rallentando moves slowly in the morning, the rest of the time this playful, fun-loving girl is busy working her magical way into the hearts of all who know her.  Her tricks include hooking the legs of unsuspecting visitors as they walk by with her paw and inhaling the very breath of anyone she can get close to. “Raleigh” even trained her cat Pheobe to bring in live rabbits through the cat door so she could practice coursing in the house!  This smiling, exotic hound is always ready for company and a good time, with any species.

* * *

CH Roma Cantar of the Wild Hunt SGRC

March 18, 1996

owner: G. Ariel Duncan

The most elegant and aristocratic from her litter.  Roma is over 31 inches tall.   Roma quickly earned her GRC, defeating some of the east coasts greatest straight racers along the way.  Roma’s most special talent is squeezing her 31 inch 75 pound body into 3 inch spaces, she really seems to enjoy this challenge and does it regularly.  She can do the agility tunnel forwards and backwards and has a habit of dragging the dog beds out into the yard through the doggie door.  Her chin is also the perfect height for cruising the kitchen counter tops.  When she’s not getting into trouble you can find her lounging on her Panache bed, but more often you’ll find her eating it!    Roma was ranked #3 Borzoi and #1 bitch in LGRA for year 2000.   She had one litter.

* * *

CH Kyrov's Fanfare Of The Wild Hunt

March 18, 1996

owners: Barbara Jostes & Amy Sorbie

* * *

CH Kyrov's Forte Of The Wild Hunt

March 18, 1996

owner: Amy Sorbie

* * *

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