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CH Pompeii of the Wild Hunt SC, FCH, CGC, ROM

DOB: April 17, 1989

sire: CH Crescent's Grock ROM

dam: CH Z’Esprit of the Wild Hunt CGC ROMX  (Mouse)

breeder:  G. Ariel Duncan

owners: Becky Vorpagel and G. Ariel Duncan

Breeders and exhibitors of Borzoi first noticed Pompeii’s elegance and grace, and her exquisite head. Others, however, first notice something quite different, her temperament. Pompeii is truly a sweet dog, as well as a gorgeous one. She always maintains an even keel, whether she is in strange surroundings, in the midst of exuberant children or dealing with two K-9 children of her own who have stayed on to live with her. Along with exotic features and lovely movement, she has given the gift of her sweet temperament to her children.

Pompeii was the winner of the over ten veteran bitch class at the 2000 BCOA National Specialty Show!     Pompeii had one litter.

* * *

CH Maschas Panama of the Wild Hunt, SC, CGC

April 17, 1989 - August 15, 1999

sire: CH Crescent's Grock ROM

dam: CH Z’Esprit of the Wild Hunt CGC ROMX (Mouse)

breeder:  G. Ariel Duncan

owner/Poet:  Eric Moore,  Co-Owner:  G. Ariel Duncan

Panama Red our best friend with the faces of Eve and his heart on his sleeve you always know what was going on inside his head When he glanced your way with a smile, frown or grin you could always tell what kind of mood he was in and know for sure if it wasn’t a smile or a grin that you were in the dog house and not him If it wasn’t for the sight it was for the sound he was the most vocal of hounds. At the Field Trials it wasn’t his smile it was his voice that gave him away. With a scream and a holler he would slip his collar and would even put the Whippets to shame. Panama was great even though he bloomed late until the ripe old age of four. Then at four with the help of Eric Moore we saw the light come on, like a switch in his head to make him more than just a dog on the floor something akin to mans best friend which makes us miss him oh so much more.

* * *

Valencia of the Wild Hunt

April 17, 1989 - May 9, 2000

sire: CH Crescent's Grock ROM

dam: CH Z’Esprit of the Wild Hunt CGC ROMX   (Mouse)

breeder:  G. Ariel Duncan

owners: Jane Berardi Malloy and G. Ariel Duncan

L is for the lipid pools of dark brown eyes which melt your heart.

E is for the most exotic and elegant headpiece ever seen on a Borzoi.

I is for her intuitive nature, knowing when you need a wide toothed smile or head in your lap.

D is for her delightful demeanor, demanding attention from all her subjects.

A is for Ariel who allowed this lovely lady into our lives- Thank You.

* * *

Other Littermates:
“Paris”,  Dual CH Tour de France of the Wild Hunt, CD, SC, LCM, JOR, ROMX, owners: G. Ariel Duncan and Daniel Albert.

“Trent”,  CH Maschas Nepal of the Wild Hunt, SC ROM, owners: Sandra Wenden, Ralph Jamison and G. Ariel Duncan.

“Trinidad”,  CH Trinidad of the Wild Hunt, SC, LCM, SOR, CGC, ROM, owners: Robert DiSanto and G. Ariel Duncan.

“Egypt”,  BISS CH RR Lil Egypt of the Wild Hunt, SC, CGC, ROM, owners: G. Ariel Duncan and Harriett Grube.

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